Retiree Activities Office


Volunteers Needed (a/o August 2017)

Volunteers are needed at the Retiree Activities Office (RAO). The core function of the RAO is to provide retiree information services to the local retiree community. We help retirees to navigate their way through the process required to access their benefits such as Veterans Affairs, Survivor Benefits Plan/Casualty Assistance, Retiree Pay and military records requests. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the office at 757-764- 7386 between the hours of 9:00 AM till Noon, Monday thru Friday.

Retiree Activities Office
45 Nealy Ave., Bldg 15, Room 107
Langley AFB, VA 23665
PH: 757-764-7386
FAX: 757-225-7888

Hours of operation:

Monday – Friday

Air Force Retiree Library of Information

Veterans Disability Recipients

Dependent Verification Requirement

        A recent visit to the Langley AFB AMVETS office revealed a situation that veterans receiving service-connected disability compensation and who also receive compensation for spouse and/or children may encounter.  The VA sends out requests periodically for status of dependents (via VA FORM 21-0538) to verify entitlement to payments.  These requests must be returned within 60 days.  Failure to return the request form will result in a reduction of your benefit payment and possibly a request for payment of past monies received.

        The VA sends these requests to the address that they have for you.  If it is returned to the VA as undeliverable, the VA attempts to find generic zovirax tab other addresses and resends the form. After repeated attempts the VA begins the 60 day count. Whether you received the request or not is unknown.

AMVETS have received calls from veterans who have gotten payment requests from the VA for large sums of money.  These veterans claim to have never received the request form.

Veterans who receive compensation for dependents need to make sure the VA has your current address.  Veterans may also want to update their status of dependents to be on the safe side.  The VA FORM 21-0538 may be obtained online by doing a search for VA FORM 21-0538.  The completed form should be sent to a VA Regional Office.