As of 1 Feb 17 the Langley PT test registration SharePoint site is no longer available.  We have transitioned PT test registration to milSuite a site which will allow you to register for your PT test for the months of Mar and Apr.  We are working to load the remaining months and will have them loaded as soon as possible.

New PT test registration (milSuite) site link :
(or copy and paste to your web browser)

Registration Instructions:
*       Log into milSuite (CAC enabled), locate search box (magnifying glass icon – right-hand corner) and type in Langley Fitness Assessment Cell (located under the Places heading)

*       Click on Langley Fitness Assessment Cell, this will bring you to the monthly calendars.
Use the left or right arrows to navigate to the next month
*       Once the PT test blocks populate, click on a date and time that you wish to register for
*       In the top right-hand corner, you will see a button that reads will you attend this event can you buy zovirax over the counter (click this button)
*       Select yes as this will schedule your test

Key things to remember:
*       There will not be a confirmation email sent your .mil account
*       Members cannot sign up for each other, site is user specific when selecting “yes or no”
*       If you select a date in error or need to change dates/time, follow the steps above and change your selection to “no”

IMPORTANT NOTE:  For those who registered prior to 1 Feb using the previous SharePoint site we have your test dates/times.  For those who still need to register for Feb, please call, email, or come by the Shellbank Fitness Center, Fitness Assessment Cell for a test date/time.

Fitness Assessment Cell contact info:

*       Email:
*       DSN: 574-2713/Comm: 757-764-2713
*       DSN: 575-0261/Comm: 757-225-0261
*       DSN: 575-3792/Comm: 757-225-3792
*       DSN: 575-8165/Comm: 757-225-8165

We apologize for any inconvenience.  If you have any questions or run into any issues with site registration, please do not hesitate to contact us.