Langley Personal Trainers

Ginny has been in the health and fitness field for over 20 years. She has a 100% success rate in helping Active Duty military members score an “Excellent” in their physical fitness scores. In addition to helping military members, some of the other programs she offers include “Exceeding the Physical Fitness Test,” “Nutrition/Weight Loss,” “Mind and Body Balance,” “Strength Training,” “Post-menopausal,” “Post-Partum,” “Special Population,” and “Senior Fitness.” Ginny’s philosophy as a trainer, and owning her own fitness business, is that her client’s goals are of number one importance. That is the focus of each session and ultimately the measure of success…yours and hers! In addition, the one-on- one attention to goals during the one hour session doesn’t stop there. Throughout the engagement, Ginny continues to offer support, guidance and advice 24/7. Ginny is certified with the American Council on Exercise for Personal Training and holds a Specialized Certification in Fitness Nutrition and CPR. She has been a media consultant on fitness granting interviews on various health subjects. In addition to being a military spouse for 27+ years and mother to two great kids, Ginny participates regularly in continuing education in an ever-changing fitness field. As her own personal challenge, Ginny regularly participates in many charity races including marathons and 1/2 marathons.

Mary decided to become a certified trainer several years ago after discovering the benefits of working with a good personal trainer. She finds great reward in helping clients rediscover that strength and stamina actually feel wonderful. Her goal is to meet clients at their current level of fitness and help them achieve more complete overall fitness. Mary's approach is easily adapted to people of any age, size, or fitness level.

Mary is certified through ISSA. She has taught at Snap Fitness and on a one to one basis all over the peninsula.

Cathy is a personal trainer and fitness consultant certified by ISSA where she continues to pursue her continuing education and hone her knowledge in the physiological and nutritional sciences. She is eager to continue her quest in helping clients achieve their fitness goals. Although Cathy is passionate about fitness, she spent many years as a police officer working the streets in the civilian world. While at the various police departments she trained countless police officers, both male and female, helping them to maintain and/or achieve a healthier life style.

Cathy has been a personal trainer for over 8 years and has trained a variety of different clients, a model vying for the Mrs. Mississippi title, a grandmother climbing Mount Rainer, as well as those wanting to just lose weight or to be healthier. Her greatest satisfaction comes from helping America’s finest military members in their “Fit to Fight” quest. She has also been featured as a fitness expert on the nightly news, and also wrote a weekly fitness column for a local newspaper. Cathy has competed in Natural Body building competition placing 2nd and 3rd.

Personal Training Fees

Single Session  $40.00
5 Session Package $190.00
8 Session Package $300.00
12 Session Package  $450.00