Boat Inspections

May 20, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Langley Marina
202 Thornell Ave
Hampton, VA 23665


The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary will perform FREE courtesy boat inspections at the Langley Marina 20 May 17 from 0900 until 1400. 

Hello All Slip Renters,

Another reminder again this year, the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and Nansemond River Power Squadron will perform
FREE courtesy boat inspections at Joint Base Langley Eustis Langley Marina 20 May 17 from 0900 until 1400.

This is the perfect opportunity to get your boat inspected before we get into the busy boating season.  Below you will find some commonly ask questions with answers.  For your information/use I have attached the Vessel Safety Check Form used for these inspections.  This will give you more of an idea what the inspectors will be looking for.

We ask you call and set up a time for your inspection.  You can do this by calling the Langley Marina (764-7220) Mon – Fri 0800 until 1500.   Even
though a specific time is not a requirement it will help speed the process and give us free-an idea how many inspectors will be needed for the day. Personnel with a appointed time will be inspected as close to that time as possible.  If you do not have your boat stored at the marina you can bring
it to the marina for inspection either coming by water, tying up at the fuel dock, or bringing it in on your trailer.  Anyone authorized access to
Langley Air Force Base can bring their boat for a vessel safety check.

Joint Base Langley Eustis is hoping everyone has a happy and safe 2017 boating season.


How long does the vessel check take? 

A Vessel Safety Check (VSC) is performed at your boat – we come to you.  The process usually takes 15 to 30
minutes, depending upon the size of your boat.

What’s in it for me?   

Vessels passing the safety check is awarded the U.S. Coast Guard/U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Decal that informs Coast Guard, Harbor Patrol, Sheriff, Police, Marina Patrol and any other law-enforcement & safety agencies your boat was in full compliance with all Federal and State boating laws during a safety check for that year.  Best of all every Vessel Safety Check is 100% FREE of charge.

What it I don’t pass? 

If your boat does not pass, no citation is issued at that time.  Instead, you are provided a written report in how to correct discrepancies.  We can also schedule a follow-up appointment once the discrepancies have been corrected.

Why receive a Vessel Safety Check? 

Safety!  The peace of mind that your boat meets federal safety standards and in an emergency you will have the necessary equipment to save lives and summon help.  Also, if you do not meet a requirement and we can correct it before you are stopped by law enforcement, the only cost is fixing the problem.  If law enforcement stops you, often a fine is involved.  Save Money! In many cases boating insurance agencies offer discounts for vessels which undergo a Vessel Safety Check every year.  All decals and safety checks are void 31 Dec of the year they are inspected.  They are also void should the operator/owner fail to maintain the vessels equipment or the vessel itself to the standard at the time of the safety check.

What type items are checked? 

See the attached Vessel Safety Checklist.

BLANK Vessel Safety Check Form-page-001 BLANK Vessel Safety Check Form-page-002