ACS Employment Readiness


650 Monroe Ave. 878-3173

The Employment Readiness Program is designed to assist Military Spouses and family members throughout the entire job search process.  As a military spouse, you transition from one location to another and unlike your service member; you may or may not have a job waiting for you when you arrive.  More times than not, you will be forced to restart your job search each time and that can be very difficult, challenging and frustrating.  The Employment Readiness Program exists to help make thisprocess less challenging for you.

Need Help Finding a Job?

The Employment Readiness Program provides information, resources, and career counseling to help you focus on your strengths and find the best employment and training opportunities. We help you identify your immediate and long-range career goals, then develop an Individual Career Plan for you. There is never a fee for our services, which include:

  • Personal Career Counseling & Guidance
  • Employment Workshops
  • Vacancy Announcement emails for local employment opportunities
  • Resume/Interview Assistance
  • Federal Employment Seminar
  • Education Options

Eligible Family members:

  • Active Duty members
  • Spouses and Surviving Spouses
  • Family members, including youth
  • Retiress
  • DA Civilian Employees

Available Services:

Area Professional & Trade Associations  .  Job Fairs  .  Career Counseling Assistance  .  Job Re-entry Center Information  .  Job Search Assistance  .  Education Resources/Referrals  .  Local Job Information & Vacancies  .  Employment Workshops  .  Local Job Market Research  .  Federal Employment Information  .  Resource Information  .  Home Business Opportunities  .  Resource Library  .  Internet Access  .  Resume Workshops  .  Job Application Assistance  .  Temporary Employment Agencies  .  Volunteer Opportunities

The Virginia Employment Commission has a satellite office located at 705 Washington Avenue. The VEC is a state agency that provides many valuable job-seeker services to assist you in your job search.  Many employers will only post their jobs through VEC; therefore it is highly recommended that you register with the VEC. Once registered you have access to view all of the job listings in their job bank.